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    What are the advantages of television?

    Television is a mass communication tool. So, the easiest way for us to notice what is going on television around the world, give to other people, or if there are differences in our ideas sınayabileceğimiz similarities, as well as all of them to talk with people on issues of common functionality (arrays, matches, news) and in this sense sosyalleştiren man (When going deep into the tekdüzeleştiren) device. Television helps us in our work, for example, how would air on television the next day we will learn and önlemimizi accordingly, or are told that the traffic on the bridge 2 go over the bridge. In addition, the course of the economy in the television that we are dealing with the information we have about the profession. For example, a lawmaker says dollar will rise; immediately installed in dollars. In fact, the difficulty can not be excluded thoroughly thought of living without television, we see that you were born. Because all television monitors, and that the world is a lie, we bring ayağımıza.
    In 1963, the American people who killed the killer of Kennedy assassin, Jack Ruby to kill you able to live on. In addition, the 1990 Gulf war of 1965, the Vietnam War televizyonlardaydı live.
    See the news about them, as well as the poor of this feature is also a device for controlling the emotions of our self, is proof that television sızlaması.

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