Survivor Finalde Kaan'ın Söylediği Şarkı

'Medya Bölümü' forumunda Aysell tarafından 27 Haziran 2012 tarihinde açılan konu

  1. Kaan Biz Burdayız Şarkı Sözü

    Hadise & Kaan Biz Burdayız Sözleri

    I said everybody move on that tv show
    And moved everybody now watch your boy blow
    And take the globe by storm with a gift of god
    Buzzin like a dentist zzz i go hard
    Tell the dj to bang this one here
    And make the crowd go ham to the song of the year
    Everybody make it clap now and rap where you from
    We gon party all night so get stupid go dumb
    Put your drinks up high and lets toast
    To life lets all get right to the utmost
    Fellas never mind a hater
    And ladies shake what your mommas gave ya
    Tell a friend neighbour bout your boy kaan
    A soon to be king with that heat like lebron
    Yes you heard right one mic one dream
    The adana kid is shakin up the music scene

    Biz yazdık yine biz bozduk sınırı çizdik
    Bize de uyduysa
    Çak çak diyoruz ben diyene
    Vah vah diyoruz bilmeyene

    Its the k to the double an
    With mario on the beat supplyin heat im focused man
    Six million ways to blow im on my grind
    But on the weekend i love to have me a good time
    be in the vip of the club
    Where dimes flock around me and my squad
    Laid back in the cut sippin on my favoruite liqour
    While the dj plays kaan joints of the richter
    Oh my god i love to see people get bug to my music love is love
    And we aint leavin till the lights come on
    Then its on the next club on this party marathon come on!
    Come on come on
    Biz yazdik yine biz bozduk
    Sınırı çizdik
    Bize de uyduysa
    Çak çak diyoruz ben diyene
    Vah vah diyoruz bilmeyene
    Herkes duysun biz biz burdayız
    Ve de durmayı

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