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    Date of Birth and Death 1856-1900 The famous English poet and author of the theater. Originally the Irish. He was born in Dublin. Universitesindeyken began writing poetry at Oxford, published in book form at the age of 25. But hopes bulmadı.Amerika interest, he went to, there is art, aesthetics, gave lectures on poetry. In the meantime, began to write drama.
    Written in French, the Hebrew date of issue of the "Salome" tragedy, was greeted with great interest. The work is held on oynatırcasına from Paris. However, the same work, was banned in his own country görülürek immoral. Settled in France. Died in Paris.

    Oscar Wilde, holds an important place in British literature, he wrote in games which the summit of fame, clunky aspects of the society, customs and traditions hicvetti ruthlessly. Witty, sarcastic, and people who like iğnelemekten a language feature.

    His works include Poems, Vera (Game), The Happy Prince, The Portrait of Dorian Gray (Roman), Salome (Play), Lady Vindermer'in Range (Game), Junk A Woman (Play), An Ideal Husband (PC), Dungeon Ballad of Reading ( Poems), Pomegranate Garden