kurbağa prens masalının ingilizce özeti

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  1. kurbağa prens masalının ingilizce özeti

    When Princess Poppy grows up, she is supposed to marry Prince Humperdink. The only problem is that Princess Poppy refuses. Telling the King the she will find another prince to marry, he gives her one day to do so. That same day while out in the garden with her golden ball, Princess Poppy slips and falls into the pond, losing her ball. A talking frog tells her that he will save her ball, but in return he would live in her palace and sleep in her bed. She tells the frog that he has a deal, but as soon as the frog gave Popper her ball, she ran from the frog and back into the palace.

    While at dinner, the frog hops in and tells the King about Princess Poppy’s promise. The King tells the frog that he is now a guest at the palace and will stay with the princess, but Princess Poppy refuses to let the frog sleep in her bed. After throwing the frog out the window, she feels terrible and runs outside to see if he is okay. She apologizes to the frog and gives him a kiss. The frog turns into a handsome prince. They decide to get married and live happily ever after