ingilizce vize dilekçe örneği

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  1. Vize dilekçesi örneği ingilizce
    Vize talep dilekçesi örneği ingilizce

    ............CONSULATE OF



    We would kindly ask you to provide an entrance visa for Mr. (Vize istenilen kişi adı)(Vize istenilen kişinin ünvanı) since (vize istenilen kişinin işe başlama tarihi) with (Şirketinizin adı) for his business visit to ...........

    "Şirketinizin adı" guarantees to overtake all transactions and expenses that could occur as a result of any illness and/or accident that may be faced by
    Mr. "Vize istenilen kişi adı" during his travel and stay in .........

    Yours Sincerely,



    1. Permission application form
    2. Documents for attending to "Katılınacak toplantı, seminer veya konferans adı".
    3. Work entrance document
    4. Social health insurance document
    5. Signature circular
    6. Trade Registry
    7. Tax certificate
    8. Passport