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    The young tiger was walking up and down with nervous and fast steps in his cage, behind the railings. Somehow somebody was squeezing his heart with a barbed wire rope today. The sun had risen and set a lot of times since he had been locked up in this cage. He was about one month old. The hunters had caught him when had gone for a walk in the forest one day and they had sold him to this zoo. He was as tall as a fairly large cat. He grew up and got srong as time passed. His cage wasnt tiny but he didnt want to live here. He would like to be free and to reach the forest, whose name he started to forget and where he longed for, and he would like to direct his life. People were crowding into there, were standing in front of the cage and were watching him for a lot of minutes with full of admiration.

    When the visitors lessened that night – fall, the keeper cleaned and washed the cage. He left a half sheep as dinner into the cage. He locked the door and went away. While his keeper was locking the door and going away, there was a flash of lightning in the young tigers mind. The locks fitting into its hole and the keys voice while locking was unusual. If his quite sensitive ears werent misleading him, the door hadnt been locked properly. After eating the meat left into the cage, he started his turns again. The visitors started to increase again. The people had eaten their dinner and they were going to parks and gardens to enjoy and relax. The trouble in the young tigers heart had gone away and away and it had trapped into the keys hole. At midnight, if he also was lucky, he would try to run away from the cage and would try running towards his freedom.

    It had completely got dark; it had been a long time after the midnight had passed. There was nobody around. The young tiger pulled hard quickly the door with his strong paws. The door, which hadnt bee locked properly, opened easily. He went out of the cage quickly. He took the road on the right. This road was ending in the wood further. Walking up and down in the cage wasnt similar to running outside. He had got quite tired. After he stopped to have a rest, he jumped over the zoos wall. He disappeared in the darkness by running towards the forest.
    The young tiger passed mountains, hills and he drank cold water. After three days and three nights, while the sun was rising in the morning, he arrived at the big forest, where he was caught and taken when he was too young. He was free now, he was bubbling over with joy. He realized that he was hungry while he was walking joyfully. He hadnt eaten anything since the day he had run away. He had only drunk water. His keeper used to bring him meat day and night. Before the hunters had caught him, his mother used to feed him. However, life was too different in this immense forest. There was neither his mother nor his keeper now. This was something that he couldnt think before he ran away from the cage: How would he feed himself?

    He saw a deer in the grassy place further while he was thinking like this and walking. The deer sometimes looked around him and then started eating grass again. The deer started running immediately. Two tigers jumped from the bush nearby at the same time. The deer had been covered from four sides when two more tigers stood before him soon. It was obvious that the tigers had laid a trap to catch the deer. The best defense was attack. The brave deer rushed forward with a last effort. He butted terribly the nearest tiger with his sharp horns. The tiger tumbled down within blood. He turned to right a little. He wanted to but the second tiger in front of him too. However, he couldnt hit. The tigers coming after him had reached. It was impossible to fight with three tigers although the deer was strong. The tigers tumbled the deer down by hitting with their strong paws, they killed and ate him. Then they went away. The young tiger was petrified at his place. He was looking with unbelievable eyes. What he saw was brutality but the rules of the forest were like this. The weak became food for the stronger. “Namely he said, “the tigers feed themselves like this. Because I am a tiger too, I should hunt and eat the living things. I cant kill the other animals to feed myself. No one made me get used to kill. I dont know killing and I dont believe in the necessity of killing. The deer used to feed himself by eating grass. It was strong enough. The animals eating grass had been strong. I have no other choice; I will either stay hungry or eat grass. Let the others say “does a tiger eat grass let them say “is it possible to be a grass eating tiger “.

    One month passed. The grass eating tiger couldnt find the peace he looked for in the forest. The tigers accepted him but the life in the forest was completely inappropriate for the grass eating tiger. Why were they suddenly getting attacker when they saw a deer, a roe or a rabbit? They had been programmed to kill; they had to kill to live. At this sight there was a tiger living by eating grass, this also had to be thought. While the grass eating tiger was wandering in the forest one day, he met a rabbit. He was surprised with the rabbits not running away when he saw the tiger. Amazing! The rabbit was coming towards him. He wanted to step aside but he couldnt. His feet had become stiff. The rabbit hit the grass eating tiger and fell onto his back. Then he stood up from where he fell and touched the tigers face, caressed his cheeks. He asked: “Are you the grass eating tiger. The grass eating tiger couldnt say a word. He was shocked.

    After the rabbit said “You are surely the grass eating tiger. Your mouth doesnt smell of bload like the other tigers. Look, grass eater, I have heard your reputation. You cant get used to the forest, you should return to the zoo. As I heard, the tigers had killed some animals in front of your eyes and they had wanted to make you get used to killing. If you cant get used to killing, the tigers will kill you. Listen to me and go away from here he wanted to go away but he fell off a hole, which was a little further. The grass eating tiger took the rabbit out of the hole and when he scrutinized his face, he saw that his eye sockets were empty. This rabbit didnt have eyes. He considered “a blind rabbit. He took him on his back, took and left him to his hole.

    The grass eating tiger couldnt help crying when he found the blind rabbit dead in his hole the following day. The tigers, which havent touched the blind rabbit so far, had envied him when they saw him going on the grass eating tigers back and had killed him. The grass eating tigers heart was full of hatred. That was too much now. What had they wanted from the poor rabbit? The grass eating tiger plunging into the tigers by running at the last speed, staked more than thirty tigers. “Its easy to kill a blind rabbit, come and kill me if its easy. What the tigers wanted was already this. They would infuriate the grass eating tiger and make him attack them and then they would pull him to pieces. There was always many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. It suddenly got dark and started to rain heavily. There were flashes of lightning and thunderbolts were falling. The tigers dispersed but the grass eating tiger didnt run away. He waited until he got soaked. After half an hour the rain stopped. The sun shone, and the land brightened up. The grass eating tiger wandered there until midnight. When he saw that there were no passersby, he got bored and went away. The matter of forest was over. He was determined to return to the zoo now.

    After a few days, his keeper found him waiting in front of the cage. The grass eating tiger would enter the cage a few minutes later and would reply the keeper from inside “here is my home, Im a cage tiger. I cant go to the forest even if you wanted. There hadnt been a place for me while he was locking him in and said “the lock has just been changed, you cant try to run away again, because its impossible. The young tigers heart got full of pleasure when a female tiger was brought to his cage two months later. They immediately became partners and close friends. The day and days passed, time passed and they had two babies. He became cheerful, happy and his heart was full of peace and the young tiger was walking up and down quietly and slowly behind the iron railings.

    Written by: Serdar YILDIRIM


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    “ Kör tavşanı öldürmek kolay, sıkıysa gelin beni de öldürün. “

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    Birkaç gün sonra sabaha karşı bakıcısı onu kafesin önünde beklerken buldu. Ot yiyen kaplan biraz sonra kafese girecek ve bakıcısı kapıyı üstüne kilitlerken, “ Kilit yeni değişti, bir daha kaçma numarasına kalkışamazsın, çünkü artık imkânsız “ demesine karşılık, içinden “ Yuvam burası, ben kafes kaplanıyım. Hem istesem de ormana gidemem. Bana göre değilmiş orası “ dedi.

    İki ay sonra kafesine dişi bir kaplan getirilince yüreği kıvançla doldu genç kaplanın. Eş oldular birbirlerine ve kaynaşıverdiler. Gün döndü, günler döndü, zaman geçti ve iki tane yavruları oldu. Neşelendi, mutlandı, huzur doldu yüreği ve genç kaplan artık kafesinde, demir parmaklıklar ardında sakin ve yavaş adımlarla gidip geliyordu.

    Yazan: Serdar Yıldırım


  2. Cevap: İngilizce Hikayeler - Türkçe Tercümeli


    Our dear world; which is turning around silently somewhere in the universe, which is full of mysteries, secrets and a lot of unknown. The living creatures, which you have allowed to live on you, survive and take shelter for ten thousands of years, existing maybe only on you with everything of them. The idealists with their genuine talent of thought, with their power of imagination; who are possible to appear always and everywhere with their stubbornness and by leaving the normality of the life, which they have to live with pleasure, desire; and by getting a little over the normality to know an unknown, to help the solutions of problems and assimilating some kinds of efforts, searches for the benefit of that normalitists who they left behind.

    Although a young octopus travelled a lot of places on the blue sea, the things he saw werent strange to him; he was indifferent to the things he saw as if he had seen them before and the motivating passion occurring in his thought, made him decide to reach the source, the spring of the river when he first realized it, which was flowing into the sea.

    The young octopus started to move forward slowly. He could always have the chance to watch closely the trees, the grass, the flowers, the birds and the large and small living creatures by the river because he was taking pains to swim on the surface. As the days passed one after the other, the broadness of the river started to become narrow, the water started to flow a little more wildly and the slope started to increase. Since the young octopus was swimming towards the stream, he realized that he started to be some more compelled every passing day. If he didnt suffer the difficulty and leave himself, he would be able to return to the sea. However, this was a matter that he wouldnt be able to do. Now that he was an idealist and he had come till here for the sake of an idea, returning back could never be possible.

    When the young octopus arrived at the side of the snowy mountain, which was difficult to see from faraway, a waterfall; whose water was falling from quite high, appeared. He had to cross this waterfall and go on his way, but how? A few attempts he made showed that it was impossible for now. Anyway he was tired. He had come till here without stopping, and by exerting himself to the utmost for days. He thought “I should relax for a while, gain my energy; when I believe that I can cross this waterfall, I will come and cross it and go on my way. I will take one of the paths I saw yesterday while I was coming, I will look for a place where I will be able to pass my days in peace. Let the waterfall wait for now.

    The young octopus returned back and took one of the paths. He reached a lake in the end by saying this or that way. The young octopus life in the lake lasted quite long. Actually time wasnt very important for an idealist. Let the time pass. What was important was to be able to use the time skillfully. You would always improve and show progress in point of thought. You already had this idealism from birth. The conditions would force you to this whether you wanted or didnt. When you started to support an idea, namely when you became an idealist, you would think carefully of your past and you would realize and be surprised that even how the unhappy, pessimistic, desperate days, which you dont want to remember now, had educated you, and had made you experienced.

    Several years passed and the young octopus had grown up and had become a mature octopus by the passing years. He always had good relationships with the living creatures in and around the lake; he had had quite a lot of accumulation of knowledge by adding his observations on the things they told. Everything was very well; perhaps it would be much better if the peole hadnt pitched a camp near the lake. As soon as the octopus saw the people, he had listened to his common sense saying “be careful, he had withdrawn to his cave at the bottom of the lake. He was passing his days in his cave; he was sometimes touring at the depth of the lake. On some days he saw a few boats on the lake but he couldnt do anything more than watching the peoples in the boats rowing from the depth of the lake while swimming.

    One day, while a boat was going near to the middle of the lake, it suddenly got dark. A heavy rain started. The wind blowing gradually harder was building big waves on the lake. The efforts of the people on the boat who were trying to escape from the storm were useless. They werent able to prevent their boat from capsizing and sinking. The octopus had felt the storm in advanced; he had taken the risk to be seen by the people on the boat and he had come a few metres close to the boat. He had covered two people, who were flopping about when the boat sank, with his strong arms, had come to the surface to prevent them drowning and started to swim quickly towards the shore. After leaving the unconscious people to a safe place, the octopus withdrew to his cave in the depth of the lake.

    On the following ten days after this event, the octopus, who couldnt see any boats on the surface of the lake, came to the surface because he thought that the people might have gone and he looked at the shore, where the camp was, from far away. The first thing that called his attention was the huge, iron boats. The people had also built wooden sheds near the tents, where the camp was pitched. There were lots of people on the shore. He started to swim towards the branch, which let the superfluous water of the lake float into the river. He was planning to come out of the lake going without making the people realize. However, when he reached the exit, he realized with sadness that there were barbed wires around, which were preventing him going. He was afraid of making a mistake. He could pull the wires to pieces, throw away and go on his way. There were the possibilities of getting injured and being undersized. The waterfall on the river was already a big problem on his way. It wouldnt be proper to be powerless after crossing the waterfall.

    On the following days the surface of the lake suddenly got into action. The ships that the people made by putting together the pieces, which they brought till the lake shore by lorries, started to move constantly. The divers started dive from the ships and examine the bottom of the lake. The harpoons that were in the divers hands would direct to the octopus as soon as it was seen. There was a huge octopus with eight arms, each of whose length was nearly five metres, and the one who would kill this octopus would be rewarded. It was necessary to think now. This octopus, who was wanted to be killed, saved certainly two peoples lives in a stormy weather. They had seen the octopus before they fainted and they informed the others too, there was even a reward. It is necessary to consider this situation as a labyrinth without an exit.

    The octopus had understood that it was impossible to live in the lake now. Although all his goodwill, the people wouldnt let him search some more in this lake. It was also unnecessary to live more in this lake. The things he learnt were enough and more than enough. The octopus got out of his cave with rancor. He came with a terrible speed out to the water surface just opposite the ships being anchored in front of the camp. He was puffing up and up and was causing artificial waves on the lake as he was saying “you have been looking for me for days, here I am and Im not afraid of you. He suddenly directed to his left. He entered the branch by pulling the barbed wires at the exit of the lake to pieces under the amazed looks of the people on the shore and he reached the river after a while. He came before the waterfall by withstanding easily to the rivers stream and he went up by holding his both arms out and by holding of the rocks there.

    On the following days the octopus continued the intensive efforts to reach the source of the river. He was passing in difficulty through the gorges at the sides of the mountain where the source existed and he was moving forward step by step at the places where the depth didnt let him swim. The rain falling on the sides of the mountains was turning into snow because of the weathers getting gradually cold and trembling in the ice cold water under the snow was teaching him how difficult the life was in the mountains. When he started to think that it was impossible to go more forward, he found the source of the river. The source was coming out of rocks, it was coming out of a place like a cave and it was appearing on the earth.

    The octopus summarized the topic: “Now that the source had been here. It comes out to the earth from that narrow place, it is fed by the rain and snow water, it goes down till the waterfall by gathering some of the little rivers water. After passing the waterfall, the water gathering a lot of branches from both sides gradually grows and it reaches the sea, where I was born, as a river and integrates with the sea. And the lake, where I lived for a long while, was nothing more than a drift of water, which let its superfluous water flow into the river by means of a branch.

    On his way back, while coming closer to the waterfall, the octopus started to think. He wondered if the people would wait for him there. It was a fifty fifty possibility. Namely, theyd either wait or wouldnt wait. It wouldnt be definite. The octopus wasnt absolutely frightened. Anyway, fear was the last think to be considered by an idealist in such a situation. There was no reason to be frightened. After the octopus evaluated the situation, considered what he would do after what might happen, he went down the waterfall. He went past the branch, which was connecting the lake to the river, by swimming bravely on the water.

    The octopus reached the sea a few days later. He had set off years ago for the sake of an ideal when he was a young octopus; after years, he had turned back as a mature octopus. However, the ideal still wasnt an ideal. An idealist should teach the others the things he learnt and should acquaint them too. As well as you couldnt say you have enough knowledge for yourself so you wouldnt need to learn more, you couldnt also say you were more knowledgeable than the others; let the others not learn the things I knew. After relaxing for a while, the octopus wanted to start his attempts. He would teach the others the things he learnt and he would acquaint them too. Until there would be no other knowledge in his mind what he knew but the others didnt

    Written by: Serdar YILDIRIM


    Gizem dolu, sır dolu, pek çok bilinmezliklerle dolu kainatın bilmem nerelerinde sessizce dönüp durmakta olan sevgili dünyamız. Üzerinde yaşamalarına, hayat bulmalarına, barınmalarına olanak tanıdığın on binlerce yıldan beri her şeyi ile belki de sadece sende var olan canlı varlıklar. Özgün düşünme yetenekleriyle, hayal güçleriyle, inatçılıklarıyla her zaman, her yerde ortaya çıkabilen ve bir bilinmezi bilmek için, problemlerin çözümüne yardımcı olmak için şevkle, istekle; kendilerinin yaşamaları lazım gelen hayatın normalitesinden arınarak, normalitenin bir parça üstüne çıkarak ve o geride bıraktıkları normalitecilerin yararına bir takım çabalar, arayışlar içine giren idealistler.

    Denizin engin maviliklerinde aylardır pek çok yeri gezip dolaşmasına karşın gördükleri ona hiç de yabancı gelmeyen, o gördüklerine daha önceden biliyormuşçasına ilgisiz ve bu denize sularını akıtan ırmağı ilk fark ettiğinde düşüncesinde oluşan tutkunun harekete geçirdiği, ırmağın çıkışına, kaynağına ulaşmaya karar verdirttiği bir genç ahtapot.

    Genç ahtapot ırmakta ağır ağır ilerlemeye başladı. Daima yüzeyde bulunmaya özen gösterdiği için, ırmak kenarında bulunan ağaçları, otları, çiçekleri, kuşları ve küçüklü, büyüklü canlı yaratıkları yakından incelemek olanağını buluyordu. Günler birbiri ardına geçip gittikçe, ırmağın genişliği daralmaya, sular daha bir coşkun akmaya ve meyil artmaya başladı. Genç ahtapot, akıntıya karşı yüzdüğü için, her geçen gün biraz daha fazla zorlanmaya başladığını fark etti. Hani sıkıntıya katlanamayıp kendini bırakıverse hiç yorulmadan denize geri dönebilecekti. Fakat, bu onun yapamayacağı bir işti. Mademki bir idealistti ve bir idea uğruna buralara kadar gelmişti, geriye dönüş söz konusu olamazdı.

    Genç ahtapot çok uzaklarda zorlukla fark edilen karlı dağın yamaçlarına ulaştığında önüne oldukça yüksekten suların döküldüğü bir çağlayan çıktı. Bu çağlayanı aşıp yoluna devam etmesi gerekirdi, ama nasıl? Yaptığı bir iki deneme bu işin şimdilik olanaksız olduğunu gösterdi. Zaten yorgundu.
    Günlerdir dur durak bilmeden,gücünün sınırlarını sonuna kadar zorlayarak buralara kadar gelmişti. “ Bir zaman için dinlenmeli, gücümü toplamalı, bu çağlayanı aşmayı başarabileceğime inandığım an gelip çağlayanı geçer yoluma devam ederim, diye düşündü. Dün gelirken gördüğüm kollardan birine sapar, orada günlerimi sakin geçirebileceğim bir yer ararım. Çağlayan şimdilik bekleyedursun. “

    Genç ahtapot geriye dönüp, ırmağın kollarından birine girdi.Yok şurası, yok burası derken,sonunda bir göle vardı. Genç ahtapotun göldeki sakin yaşantısı oldukça uzun sürdü. Gerçekte bir idealist için zamanın fazla bir önemi yoktu. Zaman bırak geçsindi. Önemli olan geçen zamanı ustaca değerlendirebilmekti. Devamlı olarak fikir bakımından bir büyüme, bir ilerleme içinde olacaktın. Bu idealistçilik zaten sende doğuştan vardı. Sen istemesen de şartlar seni buna zorlardı. Bir ideanın peşinden gitmeye başladığın yani sen bir idealist olduğun zaman, dikkatli bir şekilde geçmişini düşünürdün ve şimdi anımsamak istemediğin o mutsuz, o karamsar, o kederli günlerinin bile seni nasıl eğitmiş olduğunu, deneyim sahibi yaptığını fark eder de şaşar kalırdın.

    Aradan yıllar geçmiş,geçen yıllarla birlikte genç ahtapot büyümüş,olgun bir ahtapot olmuştu.Gölde ve gölün çevresinde yaşayan canlı varlıklarla daima iyi ilişkiler kurmuş, onların anlattıklarına kendi gözlemlediklerini de ekleyerek epey bir bilgi birikimine sahip olmuştu. Her şey çok güzeldi, belki de çok daha güzel olacaktı. Eğer göl kıyısına insanlar kamp kurmasalardı. Ahtapot insanları göl kıyısında görür görmez, içgüdüsünden gelen dikkat et sesine kulak vermiş, gölün dibindeki mağarasına çekilmişti. Günlerini mağarasında geçiriyor, ara sıra da, gölün derinliklerinde dolaşıyordu. Bazı günler göl yüzeyinde bir iki kayık görüyor, fakat kayıklardaki insanların kürek çekişlerini gölün derinliklerinde yüzerek seyretmekten başka hiçbir şey yapmıyordu.

    Günlerden bir gün, bir kayık gölün ortalarına yakın bir yerde giderken ortalık kararıverdi. Şiddetli bir yağmur başladı. Gittikçe daha sert esmeye başlayan rüzgar gölde büyük dalgalar oluşturuyordu. Kayıkta bulunan insanların yaklaşan fırtınadan kaçmak için gösterdikleri çabalar boşuna oldu. Kayıklarının alabora olarak batmasını bir türlü engelleyemediler. Ahtapot yaklaşan fırtınayı önceden hissetmiş, kayıkta bulunan insanlar tarafından görülme tehlikesini göze alarak kayığın birkaç metre altına kadar sokulmuştu. Kayık battığında dev dalgalar arasında çırpınıp duran iki insanı güçlü kollarıyla sıkıca kavrayıp, onların boğulmalarına engel olmak için, yüzeye çıktı ve süratle kıyıya doğru yüzmeye başladı. Baygın durumdaki iki insanı kıyıda emin bir yere bırakan ahtapot, gölün derinliklerindeki mağarasına çekildi.

    Bu olayı takiben geçen on gün içinde göl yüzeyinde hiç kayık göremeyen ahtapot insanların gitmiş olabileceklerini düşünerek yüzeye çıkıp çok uzaklardan kampın bulunduğu kıyıya doğru baktı. İlk dikkatini çeken şey, kıyıdaki kocaman demir kayıklar oldu. İnsanlar ayrıca kampın bulunduğu çadırların yanına tahtadan barakalar yapmışlardı. Çok insan vardı kıyıda. Gölün fazla sularını ırmağa akıtan kola doğru yüzmeye başladı. Kıyıdaki insanlara fark ettirmeden gölden çıkıp gitmeyi planlıyordu. Fakat çıkışa vardığında etrafta gitmesini engelleyen dikenli teller olduğunu üzülerek gördü. Bir hata yapmaktan korkuyordu. Bu dikenli telleri parçalayıp atar, yoluna devam edebilirdi. İşin içinde yaralanmak,çaptan düşmek olasılığı da vardı. Irmaktaki çağlayan zaten yolunun üstünde bir büyük engeldi. Çağlayanın karşısına çıktığında güçsüz durumda bulunmak yakışık almazdı.

    Sonraki günlerde göl yüzeyi birdenbire hareketlendi. İnsanların göl kıyısına kadar kamyonlarla getirdikleri parçaları birbirine monte ederek yaptıkları gemiler vızır vızır gidip gelmeye başladı. Gemilerden dalgıçlar göle girerek, gölün dibini taramaya başladılar. Dalgıçların ellerindeki zıpkınlar görülür görülmez ahtapota yöneltilecekti. Gölde her kolunun uzunluğu beş metreyi bulan sekiz kollu dev bir ahtapot vardı ve bu ahtapotu öldüren ödüllendirilecekti. İşte burada biraz düşünmek gerekirdi. Katledilmek istenen bu ahtapot fırtınalı bir havada iki insanı mutlak bir ölümden kurtarmıştı. Onlar bayılmadan önce kendilerini kurtaranı görmüşler, ötekileri ahtapotun varlığından haberdar etmişlerdi. Ötekiler ötekilere, ötekilerde ötekilere durumu bildirmişler ve son ötekiler, ortaya bir ödül bile koymuştu. Bu durumu çıkışı olmayan bir labirent biçiminde algılamak gerekmektedir.

    Ahtapot artık gölde barınmasının olanaksızlığını anlamıştı. Tüm iyi niyetine karşın insanlar onun bu gölde biraz daha fazla araştırma yapmasına izin vermeyeceklerdi. Zaten gölde bir süre daha yaşamak gereksizdi. Öğrendikleri yeter de artardı bile. Ahtapot mağarasından hınçla dışarı fırladı. Korkunç bir süratle kampın önünde demirli bulunan gemilerin tam karşısında su yüzeyine çıktı. Günlerdir arıyordunuz işte buradayım ve sizden korkmuyorum der gibi kabardıkça kabarıyor, gölde yapay dalgaların oluşmasını sağlıyordu. Aniden soluna doğru yöneldi. Kıyıdaki insanların hayret dolu bakışları altında göl çıkışındaki dikenli telleri paramparça ederek kola girdi ve bir süre sonra ırmağa ulaştı. Irmağın akıntılarına rahatça karşı koyarak çağlayanın önüne geldi ve iki kolunu uzatarak oradaki kayalara tutunup yukarıya çıktı.

    Daha sonraki günlerde ahtapot ırmağın kaynağına ulaşmak için gösterdiği yoğun çabayı devam ettirdi. Kaynağın bulunduğu karlı dağın yamaçlarında daracık boğazlardan zorlukla geçiyor, derinliğin yüzmesine olanak tanımadığı yerlerde de adım adım ilerliyordu. Yamaçlarda yağan yağmur havanın giderek soğumasıyla birlikte kara dönüşüyor, yağan kar altında buz gibi soğuk suda titremek ona dağlarda yaşamın ne derece zorlu olduğunu öğretiyordu. Ahtapot daha ileriye gitmenin mümkün olmadığını düşünmeye başladığı bir sırada ırmağın kaynağını buldu. Kaynak, kayaların arasından, mağara gibi bir yerden, yeryüzüne çıkıp doğuyordu.

    Ahtapot konuyu özetle toparladı: “ Demek kaynak burasıymış. Su bu daracık yerden yeryüzüne çıkıyor, yağan kar ve yağmur sularıyla besleniyor, çevreden kimi dereciklerin sularını alarak çağlayana kadar iniyor. Çağlayan geçildikten sonra sağdan soldan pek çok kol alan su gittikçe büyüyerek bir ırmak halinde benim doğduğum denize varıyor ve denizle bütünleşiyor. Uzun bir süre içinde yaşadığım göl de fazla sularını ırmağa bir kol aracılığıyla akıtan büyükçe bir su birikintisinden başka bir şey değilmiş. “

    Dönüş yolunda, çağlayana yaklaştıkça, ahtapotu bir düşüncedir aldı. Acaba insanlar onu oralarda bekleyebilirler miydi? Bu yüzde elliye yüzde elliydi.Yani bekleyebilirlerdi de beklemeyebilirlerdi de. Onun orası belli olmazdı.Ahtapot, korkmuyordu. Zaten böyle durumlarda bir idealist için korku en son akla getirilecek bir şeydi. Korkmak için hiçbir neden yoktu. Ahtapot, şöyle bir durum değerlendirmesi yaptıktan, ne olursa ne şekilde hareket edeceğini hesapladıktan sonra, çağlayandan aşağı indi. Suların üstünden, göğsünü gere gere yüzerek, gölün ırmakla bağlantısını sağlayan kolun yanından geçti, gitti.

    Ahtapot, birkaç gün sonra denize vardı. Yıllar önce, genç bir ahtapotken, bir idea uğruna yola çıkmış; yıllar sonra, büyük, olgun bir ahtapot olarak işte geriye dönmüştü. Fakat, idea, ideal değildi henüz. Bir idealist, öğrendiklerini başkalarına da öğreterek, onları da bilgilendirmeliydi. Ben, bana yetecek kadar bilgi sahibiyim fazlasını öğrenmesem de olur diyemediğin gibi, ben herkesten çok daha fazla bilgiliyim varsın benim bildiklerimi başkaları bilmeyiversin de diyemezdin. Ahtapot, kısa bir süre dinlendikten sonra girişimlerine başlamak istiyordu. Öğrendiklerini başkalarına da öğreterek onları da bilgilendirecekti. Beyninde kendisinin bilip de başkalarının bilmediği tek bir bilgi kalmayana kadar

    Yazan: Serdar Yıldırım