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  1. İngilizce bazı hayvanların tanıtımı

    DOG (Köpek)
    Sharp senses of smell and hearing dogs. The mechanism of vision, yellow and blue colors can detect a better structure. That can be easily educated in Cleveland. Owner loyalty is famous for. His fingers on the run and swim well.

    Cats nice-looking, round-headed, sharp-eared, long-whiskered animals. Depends on the bottoms mustache nerves. Serve as the sense of touch. Pre-feet-five, four-toed hind legs are hooked nails may find inside. Rubbing nails grinds the trees. Precision has the senses of hearing and sight. High-frequency sound vibrations to the human ear can not hear hear the sounds very light and saving. Usually hunt at night.

    DUCK (Ördek)
    Much love to the edges of the lake and marsh. There are also people living in fast flowing rivers and seas. Nutrition is an easy, many descendants of domestic production. In our country, ducks, many obtained from the hybrid mixture of race mixing. Foreign countries, improved Kampbel, Beijing, Ruen available as pure breeds. Pets, ducks, wild derived from the yeşilbaştan. Flat beak, webbed feet, a walk and quack quack sound like Badi Badi, the main features of ducks. Oduğundan body at the back of the short legs, difficulty walking. Males larger than females, and spectacular

    LİON (Aslan)
    African lion, the world's largest four-cat (lion, tiger, panther, leopard) is one. Male lions can be seen in weight over 250 kilograms. Colchester Zoo in England in 1970, recorded the heaviest lion named Simba, the lion at the zoo. Weight 375 kg (826 lb), as has been made. Females are nearly half the size of this one. Brownish-yellow fur. Varies from yellow to brownish-black mane man.

    A wild rabbit, when he saw an approaching danger attached to the ground and ears are completely deflated by working waits. Camouflaged feature very useful for this order. The danger continues and the enemy to come close to 3 meters in the rabbit in a sudden jump suddenly starts to run at full tilt. Running speed is 65-85 km per hour over short distances. "continuous zigzags to confuse the enemy to arrive, and draws. One can jump 3 feet.

    Giraffe in Africa live. Most are located in South Africa and North Africa regions. In general, continue their lives in forests and open . Acacia trees grow in the regions'preferences.

    Polar Bear
    Most are fed fish and seals. Take the miles and miles away on the floating ice in the Open at times that increasingly looks for food. Seal fish breathing holes of ice layer lying in wait.

    The ants, a few dozen hunters individuals living in sizes small natural cavities, and covering very large areas with a significantly higher number of organized colonies containing up to millions of individuals live in communities

    BUTTERFLY (Kelebek)
    Butterfly, insects, birds or butterflies stamp (Lepidoptera), the general name given to the members of the team wings. Of 150,000 known species.
    The body color visible in the form of an array of tile is covered with hard scales, who observed

    Dice feature of birds, in the transverse and longitudinal veinlets and in the form of two pairs of wings is a transparent membrane. Bees body head, chest and abdomen consists of three parts. Their bodies are covered with soft structure of an intensive hair mask.

    Very large bodies of two distinctive features of each species, in the form of hose burunlarının elongated, thick legs and column format, large ears (especially the African bishop), heads a very large and continuously extending upper cutting teeth (ivory) is transformed into the teeth of defense


    Places of residence Hedgehog: Southeast Asia, with the exception of Asia and Europe, are found in New Zealand. Was taken to Europe

    İngilizce hayvan tanıtımı - filler - ayılar - balinalar
    Filler büyük kulaklara sahiptir.
    Filler çok büyük bir vücuda sahiptir.
    Filler karada yaşarlar.
    Fillerin hortumu vardır.
    Filler, dört yada beş metre yüksekliğinde, dört yada beş ton ağırlığındadır.
    Filler afrika, asya ve sıcak bölgelerde yaşar.
    Filler elli ile yetmiş yıl yaşar.
    Beyaz ve gri filler vardır.
    Filler zıplayamazlar.(atlayamazlar, sıçrayamazlar,..)
    Filler memeli hayvanlardır.
    Filler ve gövdeleri(hortumlarını da kastetmiş olabilir) çok değerlidir.

    üsttekinde son cümlede hortumları olması gerekiyo..


    Elephants have large ears.
    Elephants have a very large body.
    Elephants live in the land.
    There are elephant trunk. / Elephants have trunk.
    Elephants, four or five feet high, four or five tons weight.
    Elephants live Africa, Asia and warm regions.
    Elephants usually live for about fifty and Seventy years
    There are white and gray elephants.
    Elephants can not jump.
    Elephant is a mammal animal
    Elephants and trunks are very precious.

    Ayı bir memeli hayvandır.
    Ayılar yaklaşık otuz beş ve elli yıl yaşayabilir.
    Ayının büyük bir vücudu vardır.
    Ayılar etoburdur.
    Ayılar kısa bir kuyruğu ve kalın postu vardır
    Ayılar yüzebilir.
    Ayıların bal yemekten hoşlanır.
    Uzunluğun bir ila iki metre arasındadır.
    Siyah ayılar ve boz ayılar kış uykusuna yatar.


    The bear is a mammal animal
    Bears live about thirty five and fifty years
    The bear's got a large body
    bears are carnivorous
    Bears has a short tail and thick pelt
    Ayılar ağaca tırmanabilir
    Bears can swim
    Bears enjoy eating honey
    Between one and two meters in length.
    There are black bears and dun
    bears hibernate .

    Onlar soğuk okyanusta yaşar.

    Balina bir memeli hayvandır.
    Balinalar suda yaşar.
    Onlar hemen hemen 50-70 yıl yaşar.
    Balinaların su fışkırma deliği var.
    Balinalar sürüler gibi(halinde) yaşarlar.

    Onlar yarım saat kadar su altında kalabilir.


    They live in cold ocean
    they are Two hundred thirty feet
    Whale is a mammal animal
    Whales live in water
    They live about 70-90 years
    Whales have spout
    Whales live as herds
    No body is made of whales (anlamadım)
    They Can stay under water for half hour.

    Penguenler uçamaz.
    Penguenlerin hayatı hemen hemen otuz otuzbeş yıldır.
    Penguenler bir metre uzunluğunda, ağırlığı otuz ve 40 pound(£) arasında değişmektedir.
    Penguenler çok iyi yüzer.
    Penguenler gruplar olarak yaşarlar.
    penguenlerin kısa kuyrukları vardır.
    Siyah gri ve beyaz renklerden oluşmaktadır
    Penguenler, kalamar ve balık yer.


    Penguins can't fly.
    life of penguins is about Thirty-thirty five years .
    Penguins one meter long, weight is between thirty and forty pounds.
    Penguins swim very well.
    Penguins live as groups.
    Penguins are the short-tailed.
    Consists from black, gray and white colors.
    Penguins, eat squid and fish
    They can stay on the snow with top of their breasts.
    The average life of the penguins expectancy during six and a half years.
    Penguins are covered with short and frequent body hair .
    They need both, sea and lan for living.