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    A culture is only as healthy as it woods
    Act like you live here
    Don't be mean Go green
    Don't waste water
    Earth allows you to stand Let it stand the way it is
    Earth Day Every Day
    Earth isn't disposable
    Earth needs YOU
    Eat Sleep Recycle
    Embrace the green revolution
    Earth Day
    Every time history repeats itself the price goes up
    Get off your ass and save on gas!
    Give a toot Don't pollute!
    Go green or go home
    Green doings brings green rewards
    Green is my favorite color
    Green Queen
    Green revolution the best solution to arrest pollution
    How about you?
    I am a friend of nature
    I brake for litter
    I hear the Eco
    I heart trees
    If you don't clean your planet Mother Nature's not gonna be happy
    It's easy being Green
    Jal hai to kal hai
    Join the green side
    Just say no to hummers
    Keep our forests green
    Keep our oceans blue
    Make conservation a habit
    Make do and mend
    Make tea not war
    Make trees not stumps

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