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  1. Başarılı Olmanın Yolları İngilizce

    Determine your goals

    For success, students need to know what is the purpose of life, what you're expecting.
    Absolute measure of being successful is a good one and get into university, to have a profession that is the envy of everyone. Human beings are capable of many different areas, can fondly demonstrated himself in various jobs, one life, enjoy the means to succeed.
    The biggest goal in life is to be happy. Everything is done for the sake of it. However, different tools used to make everyone happy.
    You, the preparation of university exams, will make you happy, loving you can try to get a profession. However, the profession or professions will make you happy to be determined in advance, for your work you will be a very important way.
    Request to determine the direction of your work and work constantly to keep the most important thing you need to do, you will be happy in the future to determine the path. What you need to know are trying to achieve.

    Planned and Programmed Work

    Which course to achieve your goal to work how, when, can work, to show how much effort you need to know that.
    Not to waste time, to assess the most healthy way, you need to make every event planning. The most useful work plan, is the one-week. Weekly work plan, while every day, which hours thinking about what activity you are doing, for each activity, take some time. The most efficient thing to do is to work with the course, lesson is to prevent factors, at least to spend hours in the study.
    Once you have identified to do this, if anything, you need to work courses, set the clocks to distribute evenly.

    Benefits of a planned study

    * You want to make work more comfortable to spend time and allows you to make things more peaceful.
    * Which course do not decide çalışacağınıza losing time due to a switch to prevent from leaving lessons.
    * Each lesson provides enough time to separate from the trust.
    * Day day because of work, working time will be reduced before the exam, exam raises work efficiency and prevents panic.
    * Instead of compressing a short time to learn the subject, and that it provides a more permanent long-time spread.
    * between you and your parents prevent disputes arising in the course work.
    * Responsible to make a plan, the course allows you to give yourself more easily.

    Whilst the plan What you should pay attention to?

    * Classes do as a balanced plan, with particular emphasis on certain classes, other classes need work to ignore, making it difficult to reach your goals.
    * How many hours a day to work properly, students, the student is changing. Daily working hours, the student's learning capacity, basic knowledge, the courses vary depending on minus. To date, no study habits edinmemiş a student, initially starting with a work less, increase gradually. 4-5 hours per day in working time can be given. This may be increased or reduced according to need.
    * Search for the long-term study without also frequent intervals, as a long rest in the short-time working would be inefficient. The most suitable one, 40-50 minute lesson is to continue giving a break for 5-10 minutes at the end of the study. Passing classes with different characteristics and the interim can be a little longer.
    * Working time you will plan lessons, the lesson that success öğrenmeğiniz nature of course and you must set according to your situation.
    * The same type of courses that require work to come consecutively, rather than try to come to yard after classes require different work. For example, the back of a course that requires problem solving, reading, telling, writing, requiring courses may be appropriate to come.
    * Hours of hard lessons can understand the most comfortable place. Research, the most productive working hours in the early morning hours, afternoon is between 14-16 also suggest that before going to bed with the repetitions useful, productive students, students working hours vary.
    * Re-assigned to the watches, clocks are usually close to the time course must be learned in the classroom. Day course to be repeated because it was committed in the classroom reduces the likelihood of forgetting, to reinforce learning. Also makes it easier to learn the lesson before going to prepare the lesson, helps to better monitor.
    * Work plan, hours of lessons as much as possible to place the same day can be helpful. Hour lesson each day so that you can more easily.
    * A favorite lesson plan first put to work hours, however, easier to implement your plan, you will help make the course easier.
    * Başlamayıp to work immediately after meals, meal, sit around for half an hour after the lesson will be more useful.
    * Plan, television, music, friendship, activities, course work hours, such as reading a book, separated at these events to provide certain periods of time, work hours, your mind will prevent installation of other events.

    I also must stress that enough sleep, rest, relaxing, enjoyable activities too much time to allow time to work apart, after a period of time can cause bıkkınlığa. Therefore, the main thing to consider, whether too much space to work, a portion of it instead of inefficient spending, run times is to know the most efficient ways of operating. In this situation, the less time is sufficient for the study.
    Course work başlayabilme behavior "decision making" requires. In deciding whether to start the study with course work in order to believe in what we know depends on harmony between.
    Scheduled on the basis of a study of the most important factor underlying the "time control"is. Since we carry our time planning our future. In fact, time is the same for every student. For each student 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The important thing is we found this time to use our objectives and priorities in line.
    He can do in order to define a list of targets.

    * Life Goals (Long Term)
    * One-year objectives (medium term)
    * One-month objectives (short term)

    What a year later, after 10 years, 1 month after what what would you like to be managed?
    Trial exam, the university would be Electrical Engineer. I would like to win. I would like to be successful.
    As you can see all of these goals can not be in the other types of complementary and at least one of the targets.
    Daily activities to achieve our objectives, we determined the "priority order" should take.
    Let's write down on sub-activities can be done in one day.

    * Watching TV
    * Friends to meet
    * Course work
    * Listening to Music
    * Dining
    * Sleep

    Now, select the severity of each activity.

    * A. The highest priority (importance) degree (an essential group)
    * B. Moderately important (must be a group)
    * C. Low importance (priority) with the degree of (could be at least the group)

    Planning for the rule is we can take, before the end of activity B, group A, Group B before the end of activities, not to exceed the activities of the C group.
    We have acted according to the priorities we have set previously scheduled work. So yeah, first in social activities, instead of saying no classes; course say yes to work, social activities, we can achieve as a reward to receive. The work program, while helping us to take control of our time, as well as "course, which is the subject of which" is also found in the study to begin. Planlamamızı whether, after determining objectives, work program which can prepare us to reach our goal. "Try To Course" to the idea of this course a student will lose time thinking about what the subject will start to work. However, "I'll try today the issue of Issues in Mathematics course." Course, will be followed by a more healthy way.
    The work program when we thought of something from the "re-program should be". Only certain classes of residence times, a schedule specific hours of the break should not mind. Our program should include daily repetition. Please note that 40% of what we have learned the first 20 minutes, 1 hour and 55%, 65% of 9 hours, 24 hours, 80% I'll forget.
    We can not control the situations that might face in daily life should be taken into account. Should be considered as a daily or weekly program, a purpose of each program must be ensured. Program classes, such as we might think is an important appointment, work can start more easily. To know that we will create our program rate threads between the points and our goal will be forwarded according to the priority issues which must be determined. Scheduled work will serve as a compass and you will help you in achieving your goal.

    Daily work schedule

    * Review and test the solution of the subjects learned that day,
    * Completion of homework,
    * One day after the preliminary preparation of the topics covered

    should include.
    So the program;

    * Effective use of time,
    * What are you, where you decide to get started,
    * Özümsediğinizi to see how much information,
    * When you relax, when you decide çalışacağınıza,
    * A step closer to your future approach

    facilitates a very important tool.

    Plan to Apply If you have trouble:

    If you make plans, making sure to rank all of these features, you can not class yourself, or course, because of the lack of basic information, you may not want to work I do not understand. In this case, "Social Lessons Hot" and "Mathematics and Science courses while working," try to implement parts of the review and the writing.
    In such a case, not insecurity, fear, etc. lose out. If you can not class yourself from negative feelings and thoughts, first try to avoid that. In this case, your booklet, "Test Anxiety" section read carefully, try to implement the recommendations.

    1 - Edit a Specific Study Room or Nook

    Different places of the house, not as a place to prepare a particular part of the study. I always work in the same place, to work more easily allows you to place yourself in the course. Working for a stimulating role in behavior.
    The most suitable working environment should be as follows:

    * To work with all tools and materials (books, notebooks, pens, paper, eraser, etc.).
    * Room temperature is neither too cold nor too hot, not.
    * Room is often ventilated, must be neat and clean.
    * Working in radio, radio, television that can distribute as much image quality, photos, banners, posters should not be such as stimulants.
    * Work desk and a room used only for course work.

    2 - Standing Work Table in Action

    Sitting or lying down instead of sitting at a desk at work, more attention makes it easy to keep long-term course. Sitting, lying down, leaning back on the table and chair abanarak or work, while the dissolution of attention as soon as possible, just to relax and fall asleep causing behavior.
    Working at your desk, extra-curricular activities (writing letters, reading, dreaming, daily writing, writing poetry, etc.). Do not.

    3 - memorizing Learning Course Work

    Avoid trying to learn to memorize the subject. Memorizing students to comment, link building, cause-effect relationship of vision, develop skills such as finding the main idea. In addition, recitation of information is difficult to establish a connection between the exam questions. For this reason, always worked in plenty of issues and examples of different questions need to solve. Unresolved questions must be repeated.
    Social Sciences courses, while working:
    Social classes, aimless when recited, as soon as it becomes boring, sleep, and the course brings reduced demand. This issue will need to work, for what purpose should have read, you read the required information in determining what is going on. Thus, to achieve both goals on the lookout for more intensive care will be spent, to prevent this born, reading sections as well as searching for relevant information to you, away from the unnecessary to memorize the details.

    Social work courses you can follow this order:

    * First issue, without making turns back, pausing once read quickly. (It takes a short time.)
    * Search again returning to the topics, taking advantage of places where the main subject headings in bold or advantages you what, asked to specify the purposes for which read it, remove the add if you have questions about the subject from other sources. Thus, the answer to the questions which would you choose the subject.
    * Questions, depending on the nature of information issue, definitions, similarities and related factions, what, how where, when, in the form of questions may be examples.
    * Trying to find answers to questions you removed as a re-read the thread more carefully. Thus it easier to assign the details, you're looking for the answer to a question you read more carefully and less tightened.
    * You have found the answers, before you remove the type of questions across.
    * Make the theme into a theme pieced sections.
    * Questions and answers removed, if the schema by looking at the issue once again to tell you.
    * Last time, parts, questions, trying to establish a connection between the subject integrate, repeat from memory.
    * Take remember the episodes again.

    in this way, working, working time is a losing issue for a long time, memorize it, from installing to avoid unnecessary details, but also important notes about the subject at hand is, the exam will save you time before the repetitions.

    4 - Evaluate your work

    At the end of your work, yourself different questions, evaluate problems. Consider again the issues of not answer questions. In particular, the intermediate and exams at the end of the trial, left it blank, you made the wrong questions, focusing on these issues, try again. Make sure that you work.

    * Which section has been removed from the subject of the questions and select which topic.
    * Occupation notes, resource books, textbooks, review that part.
    * Questions are having difficulty solving the again, if there is a lack of basic knowledge about the subject the previous years review. If you have high school and high school-2-1 lacking the relevant sections of books to reconsider.
    * Develop your power of understanding. Learning to understand. Learn where and how to apply the information that you ask yourself about the subject.
    * Still having trouble understanding. Related courses teacher problem.

    5 - Utilize Resources

    Worked about the course, difficult to understand when you take issue, take advantage of different sources. Test the books at hand, help books, textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, such as Keep resources.

    6 - Lesson One Edge Do not get stuck

    Math and science classes, some students have difficulty, especially, we see that lessons have not worked ever completely leave. These students should be aware that these courses in the subjects necessarily easy to understand.
    A very difficult course, learning all aspects of work, lose their confidence to move away from the course, instead of solving the questions can understand the issues may arise, increase your chances of winning.

    7 - Push yourself to the study

    Efficient and effective methods of studying, trying to explain the above apply, a will and inner discipline is the event entirely.
    If you have a good reason for studying, a little by forcing yourself to work out during the difficulties one by one will not be difficult to remove. Know what you want as long as they work, and learning to ask yourself to prepare a good ground. The rest will come by itself