Avusturya Eurovision Şarkısı 2012

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  1. 2012 Eurovision Şarkısı Avusturya
    2012 Avusturya Eurovision Şarkısı

    Avusturya, 2012 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'na katılacak kişiyi belirledi Trackshittaz ve seslendirecekleri şarkı Woki Mit Deim Popo.

    2011 yılında "Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması" nın ulusal finalinde ikinci gelen ikili bu sene Bakü'de ülkelerini temsil etme fırsatı yakaladı.

    Trackshittaz Woki Mit deim Popo şarkısının sözleri şöyle

    We’re ready to go, 24 carat rock
    Our beer is one, two degrees. Dialect - yeah - we’re two stars, raiding bars
    We’re ready to go and everyone shouts “Heyaheyahey”
    We are party Indians, wearing feathers on our heads
    Unpack your pots, here comes the noodle soup gang
    Girls - yeah - haven’t seen such hustle bustle in a long time
    And they’re dancin’ and they’re shakin’ on the poles, on the bars
    You’ve put a spell on me, girls – look at them writhe

    Let’s go, shake your booty
    Shake your ooh – ooh
    Let’s go, shake your booty
    Yeah, yeah – that’s how I like it
    Let’s go, shake your booty
    Shake your ooh – ooh
    Shake your booty
    ‘Cause what I want is you

    And I go into the club, the ladies are wearing fine jewels
    But in places where you wouldn’t expect it at first
    I look at her, she’s dancing on the stripper pole
    I’m ready to go, lots of ladies, I don’t miss a trick

    Noodle soup gang, what’s up? And everyone shouts: Ho – Ho
    The girls are dancin’, they’re going low – low
    She wraps me around her finger, she wants a winner – winner
    And then she can jump jump, booty shake, bad finger

    Your booty has feelings
    Your booty is a part of you
    Don’t just leave it on the chair
    Your booty has an opinion, yeah
    Your booty wants to move
    So shake it, shake it, shake it
    Your booty wants to move
    Let’s go, give it what it needs

    Your booty doesn’t get tired
    Your booty says something about you
    Come on, shake it, it wants to go wild
    So the whole house vibrates
    Your booty must be ready
    So shake it, shake it, shake it
    Your booty must be ready,
    Let’s go – give it what it needs