Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin

'Sanat ve Müzik' forumunda Aysell tarafından 14 Eki 2008 tarihinde açılan konu

  1. I cannot find a way to describe it
    It´s there inside
    All I do is hide
    I wish that it would just go away
    What would you do
    You do if you knew
    What would you do (DO)
    All the pain
    I thought I knew
    All the thoughts lead back to you
    Back to what
    Was never said
    Back and forth
    Inside my head
    I can´t handle this confusion
    I´m unable come and take me away
    I feel like I am all alone
    All by myself I need to get around this
    My words are cold
    I don´t want them to hurt you
    If I show you
    I don´t think you´d understand
    ´Cause no one understands (understands, yeah!)
    I´m going nowhere on and on and
    I´m getting nowhere on and on (take me away)
    I´m going nowhere on and on and off
    And on and off and on
    Take me away
    Take me away
    Break me away
    Take me away