Atatürk's Principles

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  1. Atatürk's Principles
    Atatürk Principles

    Basic Principles

    Republicanism Principle: Republicanism, national sovereignty is a dominate form of government is done. Republicanism principle of Atatürk, one of the most basic features of the new Turkish state, and the most simple and straightforward meaning is that the people governing themselves. In a country that is located within the boundaries of the people, that they believe will make their own peace and safety of people is the freedom of choice.
    Example: The proclamation of the Republic. Giving to women the right to vote and be elected.

    Nationalism Principle: Turkish citizens working for their own existence and happiness of the people of other countries to respect the territorial integrity and unity of meaning is expressed. It contains a huge tolerance Atatürk nationalism. Not only to their national existence and unity and the unity of the existence of other nations desire to continue.
    Example: Acceptance of national anthem. The found of Turkish Historical and Language Societies.

    Populism Principle: In a country governed by the Republic, the political aspects indevelopment, management, the national and state public utility facilities in the use of the means of the observance. The principle of populism in Turkish society, individval, family, group and class domination can not be the equality before the law.
    Example: The abolishion of the tithe. Acceptance of Turkish Civil Code.

    Secularism Principle: Religious phenomenon, bring to a level of modernize. Religion-related subjects were brought into a certain order, the state is to recognize the freedom of religion and conscience. Briefly with the state of religious affairs is to be kept separate. Freedom to worship as they wish everyone refers to.
    Example: Abolition of the sultanate and the Caliphate Closing of dervish lodge.

    Revelutionary Principle: Mind, the era of science and innovation as reguired, to meet the needs of society is made old will be out dated more harm than good jobs is to put a layout.
    Example: Includes all the improvements made.

    Statism Principle: Of individuals based on specific initiatives will be required to register with the state on behalf of our nation to keep control of the economy means the country is expressed. Statism, economic and social development to be done is work to be done immediately.
    Example: Highways, Airports, railways and contruction of ports. The first five years development plan, Establish a state bank.

    Complementary Principles

    National Sovereignty: Sovereignty based on use by nation.

    National Independence: National Independence, respact to politic, economic, judical, cultural and military means completely İndependence and warfare.

    National Unity and Solidarity: The base of national existence appears into national conscious and national unity.