Atatürk's Family Tree

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  1. Atatürk's Family
    Atatürkün ingilizce ailesi

    Zübeyde Hanım's first child was Fatma, then Ömer, later Ahmet was born. They all died in early childhood. Mustafa was the fourth child. Makbule followed him in 1885. Their sister Naciye was born in 1889. Naciye was lost to childhood tuberculosis.

    Ragıp Bey had four children from his first marriage. In sequence, child1?, Surreyya, Hasan, and child4? were born. Sureeyya died during World War One. Ragip bey had a brother Colonel Husamettin. He and Vasfiye Hanım had a daughter named Fikriye (1897 - 31 Mayıs 1924). Fikriye was a lover to Mustafa while he was married to Latife.[SUP][/SUP].

    Out of the 9 siblings, 5 sharing at least one parent, only the biological sister Makbule (1885–1956) survived him.