Atatürk's Character

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  1. Atatürk's Character abilities
    Atatürkün karakteri ingilizce

    Atatürk is his foresightedness, foster and promotion of the leadership among Turkish revoutionaries.Initial reviews depict him as an unchallanged leader, the single man. Recent studies analyze the period from the populist perspective. His leadership activities had extending effects on the political, social and cultural context of the Republic.These studies gives clues on his abilities to foster the cooperation among different people, such as in the "History of National Struggle Volumes I through V".His significance during independence was cited for his ability to unify people. It is pointed out that organizations in the countryside for resistance against occupation was happening effectively before his involvement. His ability to channel people did not. The foundation for the civilian participation in the government are cited having the roots in the Kemal's presidency, not after. The failed reforms of the regional countries, after the passage of its leaders, were generally used as an example of the Atatürk's leadership among the Turkish Revolutionaries. His effect lasted many years after his passage.


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