atatürk ün ingilizce fiziksel özellikleri

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  1. atatürk ün ingilizce fiziksel özellikleri

    Mustafa Kemal's physical characteristics are as follows:

    Boyu1.74cm Atatürk was around 70 kg of weight. Especially in the outer appearance of the great leader would be very careful traşına and bath.

    His forehead is broad, very lush and raised eyebrows, lips thin, golden hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, hands, thin and graceful.

    Very light sleeper. Life of pajamas did not meet anyone. Hard work, intelligence, kindness, honesty, no one do not hesitate to say anything against the face of everyone's great features.

    Do not eat in the morning, in the afternoon usually one to two slices of bread, cheese, yogurt, or with lemonade generally have, in the evening of beans, rice, cheese omelets, succulent okra place, would have preferred melon fruit.