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    Dino Merlin Love in Rewind şarkı sözü
    One to hundred

    multiplied by you

    it all looks great

    it all looks good

    Healthy children

    go to school

    My daughter’s in love

    my son loves too

    Oh, on the surface…

    oh, in the distance…

    it’s all the same.

    Oh, in the darkness…

    oh, don’t you notice

    what a differnet game


    If you take this life

    from me today

    tare it up and bury me away.

    For just one,two, three songs of mine,

    hundred worries of mine..

    your love, your love in rewind.

    For just one,two, three songs of mine,

    hundred worries of mine..

    and love, love in rewind

    Sito, sito, sito, sito

    One to hundred

    multiplied by two

    it’s less about me,

    it’s less about you.

    To keep it running

    on serpentine, i don’t know

    where to run from reality.

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